Helpful Master Builders Solutions Apps

Get connected and find concrete help wherever you are with our handy web-based and mobile apps. Learn more about & download the suite of Master Builders Solutions apps for smartphones:

  • Concrete Now! - Our newest app, provides instant access to information on common concrete properties. Using the mobile app, you can browse through concrete concepts, observe the impact of various materials, consider design factors (or modifications) and use interactive tools to get answers related to slump, air, finishability, and set-time. 

  • Product Cross Reference Tool - BASF launched the global brand for construction, Master Builders Solutions, on January 15, 2014. An important element of the launch of the Master Builders Solutions brand was the introduction of a simple, consistent product naming structure. All product names that had formerly been associated with Sonneborn, Thoro, Hydrozo, MBT, Chemrex, Selby, SRS brands were aligned to begin with the "Master" prefix. Use this quick reference tool to identify the new product name for our legacy products.

Product Certifications

Generate a free certificate of conformance for a specific BASF construction product.

Product Cross Reference Tool