Concrete Masonry Producers

BASF offers a complete line of Master Builders Solutions brand admixtures to help producers of concrete masonry units (CMUs) meet or exceed today's demanding requirements in production, performance, and aesthetics.  Our portfolio includes:

MasterCast plasticizing and plasticizing/water-repellent admixtures for improved material flow, compaction and extrusion characteristics, and production rates

MasterPel water-repellent and efflorescence control admixtures for superior water repellency and significant reduction in efflorescence.  

When water-repellent concrete masonry is desired, BASF recommends the MasterPel water-repellent admixture system, consisting of the following individually formulated, polymeric admixtures:

MasterPel 240 liquid water-repellent and efflorescence control admixture is integrally mixed into CMUs during manufacturing at the block plants.

MasterPel 240MA liquid water-repellent mortar admixture is integrally mixed into masonry mortar at the job site prior to concrete masonry wall construction OR

MasterPel 210D powdered water-repellent mortar admixture is used for producing integral water-repellent masonry mortar The MasterPel water-repellent admixture system demonstrates outstanding resistance to moisture migration and wind-driven rain and, is the most effective water-repellent system for masonry projects in the industry. The system is able to improve the quality, value, and overall aesthetics of concrete masonry construction.


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