Solutions for Bridges and Transportation

Increasing traffic loads, exposure to severe environmental conditions in service in conjunction with increasing demands for faster construction and extended service life create challenges for construction professionals who build and maintain bridges, highways and other transportation-related structures.

Concrete Admixtures and Fibers

Concrete bridges, highways, runways and taxiways, and underground tunnels require high-performance concrete admixtures that provide strength and excellent long-term durability. The Master Builders Solutions brand from BASF offers the latest and proven technologies for producing high-performance concretes to meet the ever-increasing needs of concrete producers, contractors, design professionals and owners.

High-Early Strength-on-Demand  

Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) technology

Concrete Repair and Protection Solutions

Diagnose, repair and protect: look beyond the superficial damage to identify the underlying cause of deterioration. Develop a repair strategy utilizing the right products to restore the integrity of structural elements. Design the repair strategy to prevent further damage, provide lasting protection and improve the loading capacity of the bridge structure. Our comprehensive product systems offer owners, designers and contractors effective solutions to repair challenges at different levels of complexity.

Deck Protection Solutions

Bridge decks require protection from chloride ion intrusion from de-icing salts, as well as freeze-thaw cycles and traffic erosion over time. BASF offers a wide variety of products to protect bridge decks ranging from water repellents to thin polymer overlays. The ultimate goal is to have a concrete deck free of deterioration, keeping it sound and safe for years to come.

MasterSeal Waterproofing and Deck Membranes

Grouting Solutions

Master Builders Solutions cementitious and epoxy-based grouting solutions are designed for their ease of application, durability and high performance properties. Developed for segmental bridges and rail lines, these high-strength liquid grouting products deliver post-tensioning, structural stabilization and precision alignment of parts.

MasterFlow Grouting Solutions

Bridges and Transportation

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