MasterLife 300D: Crystalline capillary waterproofing admixture

Formerly Rheomac 300D

How does MasterLife 300D work?

MasterLife 300D admixture is an integral crystalline capillary waterproofing admixture for concrete. It is designed for use in above- and below-grade applications. 

Recommended uses:

  • Foundations
  • Sewage and water treatment plants
  • Tanks
  • Underground vaults
  • Tunnel and subway systems
  • Water reservoirs
  • Secondary containment structures
  • Parking structures
  • Precast components
  • Swimming pools

What are the unique features of MasterLife 300D?

  • Crystalline cementitious material
  • Integral addition
  • Reduces concrete permeability
  • Allows concrete to breathe

What are the benefits of Masterlife 300D?

  • Reduces penetration of water and other liquids
  • Seals hairline cracks
  • Resists positive and negative side hydrostatic pressure
  • Protects against sewage and industrial wastes

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 chrystalline capillary waterproofing for slab on gradechrystalline capillary waterproofing admixture for walls and elevator pits

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