​Enershield Technical Literature


Enershield Introduction Brochure 

Enershield Introduction Brochure - basic information about fluid-applied Enershield air and water-resistive barriers

Product Bulletins

Enershield-HP - Fluid-applied air/water-resistive barriers with Silica Fortified Rubber chemistry

Enershield-I - A one-component fluid-applied air/water-resistive barrier that can also function as a Class I vapor retarder

Enershield-FIL - A one-component, water-based block filler based on Silica Fortified Rubber chemistry

MaxFlash Liquid Flashing - A one-component elastomeric material for use as a flexible flashing membrane

LT Additive - A liquid additive designed for use with Enershield-HP and Enershield-I fluid-applied air/water-resistive barrier products. It can also be used with Enershield-FIL Block Filler. It enables application of these materials at temperatures as low as -4°C (25°F)

Quick Corner - A premanufactured corner reinforcement designed for use with Enershield

TF Membrane / Flashing Primer - An air barrier accessory to connect different air barrier materials or assemblies together to make the air barrier continuous

Sheathing Fabric - Reinforced non-woven polyester fabric designed for use with Enershield-HP or Enershield-I air/water-resistive barriers

Technical Bulletins

Fastener Self Sealing - Explaining the ability of an air/water-resistive barrier material to self-seal when punctured with fasteners

Spray Application of Enershield-HP, Enershield-I and Enershield-FIL - Guidelines and techniques

Enershield Fire and Building Code Compliance - Considerations related to wall design and fire requirements

Details for Framed Construction - Detail drawings for both Enershield-HP and Enershield-I

Application Guidelines for Framed Construction - Joint treatment and flashing rough openings

Details for Concrete/Masonry Construction - Detail drawings for both Enershield-HP and Enershield-I

Application Guidelines for Concrete/Masronry Construction - Flashing rough openings

Sealant Compatibility with Enershield - Guidelines on sealant adhesive compatibility

Three Essential Tests - Establishing high performance of Enershield

Guide Specifications

Enershield-HP (Word)

Enershield-HP (PDF)

Enershield-I (Word)

Enershield-I (PDF)

LEED Letters




Enershield TF Membrane

Enershield WS Flashing Primer

LT Additive

Sheathing Fabric

Safety Data Sheets




LT Additive

WS Flashing Primer

Quick Corner

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