​Enershield Videos


Videos provide basic information about the systems and their application.  For more complete information, please review other literature on this site and contact your local Enershield representative or contact our technical department at 1-800-243-6739 or by email at bldgsystechsupport@basf.com


Enershield Basics

A video describing the basics and key features of Enershield air and water-resistive barriers. (Duration 1:35)


Enershield-HP Spray Application

A video showing how simple and effective it is to spray the vapor permeable, ready-mixed flexible waterproof coating directly to a wall substrate. (Duration 4:13)

Enershield HP spray application video 

Quick Corner

A video showing how to quickly complete the corner using Enershield and BASF Quick Corners (Duation 5:09)

 Quick Corner improves the quality of corner reinforcement and the speed of application

Rough Opening Treatment

A video showing how to quickly complete the corner using traditional methods and Enershield. (Duration 4:43)

Treating rough openings when installing air and water-resistive barriers 

Joint Treatment

This is a quick demonstration on how to properly treat your joints when using Enershield. Its also shows how to properly spray and backroll. (Duration 1:28)

 Treating joints in the walls when installing Enershield


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