MasterTop 1216: Chemical resistant epoxy floor coating system

Formerly: Selbachem 6611

MasterTop 1216 description:

MasterTop 1216 is a 100% solids epoxy non-reinforced 20 mil coating system consisting of two 10 mil topcoats applied over a properly primed surface. Its finish can be adjusted to provide various slip resistant textures, and is specifically formulated for areas requiring an increased level of chemical resistance.

Recommended uses:

  • Areas requiring an increased level of chemical resistance
  • Where chemicals are used or stored
  • Industrial plants
  • Petrochemical facilities
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Food-processing plants
  • Waste areas
  • Kitchens
  • Laboratories

What are the unique features of MasterTop 1216?

  • Specially formulated chemical resistant epoxy technology
  • Available in clear or pigmented finishes
  • Available in a variety of textures
  • In-service temperature range of -20 to 170° F (-29 to 76° C)

What are the benefits of MasterTop 1216?

  • Protects floors from dilute inorganic and organic acids, caustics and solvents
  • Wide range of decorative looks
  • Slip resistance can be tailored to facility requirements
  • Ideal for hot or cold environments

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