​MasterRoc MF 901

High performance plasticizing and water-reducing admixture for cementitious mine backfill.

How does MasterRoc MF 901 work?

MasterRoc MF 901 is a liquid, water- reducing admixture used to enhance backfill properties.

Recommended uses:

  • Cemented paste fill
  • Cemented high density hydraulic fill
  • Cemented rock fill
  • Cemented aggregate fill

What are the unique features of MasterRoc MF 901?

  • Reduced water content of backfill materials for given slump
  • Improves slump and flow properties (rheological properties)
  • Increases in-place strength at all ages
  • Normal setting time and hardening rate
  • Reduces pumping and distribution pressures
  • Quick wetting effect, high efficiency mixing, and higher flow rates
  • Can be added at a higher than recommended dosage to achieve extended time of setting

  • Mix optimization and/or cost savings by reduction of binders (cement, slag cement, fly ash)
  • Enhanced workability of the backfill materials, requiring less water
  • Higher in-situ strengths of the backfill materials
  • Potentially reduces the cycle time and increases production
  • Reduces permeability and shrinkage in hardened backfill materials

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