MasterTop SRS 103IN: Additives for MasterTop methyl-methacrylate (MMA) coatings and overlays

Formerly: SRS Degadur I-Component


How does MasterTop SRS 103IN work?

MasterTop SRS 103IN is an additive for select MasterTop methyl-methacrylate primer resins that promote curing and adhesion to properly prepared concrete surfaces. Can be used with the MasterTop SRS 41P and MasterTop SRS 51P primers.

Recommended uses:

  • Use on concrete substrates
  • Pharmaceutical processing and research areas
  • Commercial kitchens and restaurants
  • Grocery stores
  • Food processing plants
  • Hospitals and medical research facilities
  • Stadiums

What are the unique features of MasterTop SRS 103IN?

  • Allows MasterTop MMA resins to fully cure in one hour

What are the benefits of MasterTop SRS 103IN?

  • Can be used in interior or exterior areas and with a variety of MasterTop resins

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