MasterTop 120SR: Slip-resistant hard aggregate for concrete floors and pavement surfaces

Formerly: Frictex NS


MasterTop 120SR description:

MasterTop 120SR is a 95% aluminum oxide aggregate that is a slip-resistant, hard aggregate surfacer for concrete floors and pavement.

Recommended uses:

  • Dry-shake application and embedment in fresh concrete
  • Concrete floors, platforms, decks, ramps, stairs, walks, malls, plazas
  • Dairies, meat and food processing facilities, industrial buildings, garages, warehouses, hangars, and shopping centers

What are the unique features of MasterTop 120SR?

  • Wear, abrasion, impact resistance
  • Rustproof, noncorrosive
  • Excellent bond with cement paste in concrete
  • Slip resistant
  • Unaffected by harsh cleaners

What are the benefits of MasterTop 120SR?

  • Ensures longer surface life
  • Ideal for wet and damp areas
  • Becomes an integral part of floor
  • Improves safety in wet areas
  • Easy to clean

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