MasterSure: Slump retention technology for concrete


How does MasterSure work?

MasterSure is a new generation of polymers that provide slump retention in concrete without affecting setting times or early strength development.

What makes MasterSure a unique solution for customers?

MasterSure has revolutionized concrete delivery and consistency performance by keeping cement dispersed in fresh concrete, thereby retaining concrete workability over longer periods (more than 2 hours for ready-mix and more than 45 minutes for pre-cast concrete). It can be used in conjunction with a water-reducing product or as a stand-alone product to enhance the consistency of concrete mixtures.

MasterSure Products

MasterSure 1390

(Formerly: PS 1390) – An air detraining admixture is a patented liquid admixture formulated for use in non-air-entrained concrete


MasterSure Z 60

Workability-retaining admixture that provides flexible degrees of slump retention without retardation.

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