MasterSet: Concrete set time control admixtures - retarders, accelerators and hydration controllers


How does MasterSet work?

MasterSet concrete set accelerating and retarding admixtures allow concrete producers to modify the setting time of concrete according to their specific project needs.

What makes MasterSet a unique solution?

Depending on the product selected, MasterSet admixtures can be used to enhance concrete set acceleration or retardation - ideal for the stabilization of long haul concrete.

The MasterSet line of products consists of:

  • Ready-to-use set retarders that increase concrete setting time for a more uniform and predictable quality concrete that facilitates placing and finishing.
  • Set accelerators that decrease concrete setting time and improve the early concrete strength and finishing characteristics.
  • Hydration controlling admixtures that control cement hydration, an economical alternative for dealing with slump loss, which allows for returned plastic concrete or reuse/recycle of concrete wash water.

MasterSet Products

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