MasterSeal 581: A waterproof cement-based coating for concrete and masonry

Formerly: Thoroseal

How does MasterSeal 581 work?

MasterSeal 581 is a portland cement-based coating for concrete and masonry that resists both positive and negative hydrostatic pressure. Polymer-modified with MasterEmaco A 660, MasterSeal 581 creates a low maintenance and highly durable waterproof barrier.

Recommended uses:

  • Vertical and light-pedestrian horizontal surfaces
  • Interior and exterior
  • Above and below grade
  • Alternative to mechanical finishing or rubbing of concrete
  • Waterproofing basement and retaining walls
  • Foundations
  • Bridges and tunnels (non- traffic barring surface)
  • Water cisterns

What are the unique features of MasterSeal 581?

  • Waterproof to help protect building interiors from dampness and moisture damage
  • Breathable, allowing interior moisture to escape without damaging coating

What are the benefits of MasterSeal 581?

  • Resistant to both positive and negative hydrostatic pressure, making MasterSeal 581 suitable for use below grade interior and exterior and in water treatment construction
  • Compatible with high-performance coatings, including a wide range of architectural coatings and textured finishes
  • Hides minor surface defects and blemishes in architectural concrete
  • Available in ten landscape colors and custom colors (with minimum order quantities)

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