MasterProtect P 150: Water-based, modified acrylic primer for high-build MasterProtect coatings

Formerly: Thoro CM Primer


How does MasterProtect P 150 work?

MasterProtect P 150 is a water-based, modified acrylic primer with MasterProtect high-build coatings.

Recommended uses:

  • Interior and exterior
  • Vertical and overhead
  • Above grade

What are the unique features of MasterProtect P 150?

  • Provides uniform background color before topcoat applications
  • VOC compliant for EPA and most regional jurisdictions
  • Tintable

What are the benefits of MasterProtect P 150?

  • Seals substrate to improve adhesion and workability of MasterProtect acrylic coatings
  • Breathable to allow water vapor to escape

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