MasterProtect 105CR: Trowelable, chemical-resistant epoxy mortar

Formerly: Sewer Guard TG Epoxy Liner


How does MasterProtect 105CR work?

MasterProtect 105CR is a three-component, trowelable epoxy mortar with chemical and abrasion resistance. It is used to protect and waterproof overhead, vertical, and nontraffic-bearing concrete and masonry surfaces.

Recommended uses:

  • Overhead, vertical, and nontraffic-bearing horizontal surfaces
  • Exterior below grade or interior
  • Brick, concrete block, or precast-concrete manholes
  • Wet wells and lift stations
  • Patching and resurfacing

What are the unique features of MasterProtect 105CR?

  • Epoxy chemistry, excellent resistance to hydrogen sulfide, many industrial chemicals
  • Trowelable, simple application in confined spaces
  • 100% solids, no VOC; low-odor applications

What are the benefits of MasterProtect 105CR?

  • Good adhesion to dry concrete, will not delaminate under stress
  • Waterproof barrier, ideal for below-grade applications

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