​MasterLife SRA 035: Shrinkage-reducing admixture reduces potential for concrete cracking


How does MasterLife SRA 035 work?

MasterLife SRA 035 shrinkage-reducing admixture was developed specifically to reduce drying shrinkage of concrete and mortar, and the potential for subsequent cracking.  It functions by reducing capillary tension of pore water, a primary cause of drying shrinkage.  MasterLife SRA 035 admixture will meet ASTM C 494/C 494M requirements for Type S, Specific Performance admixtures.

Recommended uses:

  • Ready-mixed or precast concrete structures requiring shrinkage reduction and long-term durability
  • Wet mix shotcrete

What are the features of MasterLife SRA 035?

  • Reduces the capillary tension of pore water in cementitious mixtures
  • Provides moderate to significant reductions in the drying shrinkage of cementitious mixtures
  • Reduces stresses induced from one-dimensional surface drying in concrete slabs, walls and other elements

What are the benefits of MasterLife SRA 035?

  • Reduced microcracking and drying shrinkage cracking in concrete, mortar and paste
  • Minimized curling in concrete slabs
  • Improves aesthetics, watertightness and durability in concrete elements and structures
  • Minimizes prestress loss in prestressed concrete applications

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