MasterLife CRA 007: Crack-reducing concrete admixture


How does MasterLife CRA 007 work?

MasterLife CRA 007 admixture is an innovative crack-reducing admixture that is specifically formulated to reduce the magnitude of drying shrinkage and minimize the potential for cracking. Compared to a shrinkage reducing admixture, MasterLife CRA 007 crack-reducing admixture provides enhanced performance through (i) significant reduction in the potential for shrinkage cracking, and (ii) reduced initial crack widths if cracking does occur.

Recommended uses:

  • Slabs, parking structures, bridge decks, pavements, water-retaining structures
  • Wet-mix shotcrete
  • Mortars and grouts 

What are the unique features of MasterLife CRA 007?

  • Suitable for use in air-entrained concrete
  • Reduces drying shrinkage
  • Delays time-to-cracking as measured in ASTM C 1581/C 1581M ring test
  • Reduces crack widths

What are the benefits of MasterLife CRA 007?

  • Enhances watertightness in water-retaining structures
  • Increases concrete durability and service life
  • Reduces joint maintenance costs in concrete slabs
  • Permits increase in joint spacing
  • Reduces the environmental footprint of concrete

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Technical Bulletin: MasterLife CRA 007 Crack Reducing Admixture

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