MasterFinish: Superior concrete surface and finish-enhancing admixtures and form release agents


How does MasterFinish work?

The wide range of MasterFinish concrete admixtures and form release agents assist in achieving an outstanding surface finish.

What makes MasterFinish a unique solution?

MasterFinish products are specially formulated to enhance the appearance of the Precast, Prestressed, and Cast-In-Place concrete. The concrete form release agents in the MasterFinish family allow the easy separation of concrete from the forms or form liners and create a smooth surface on the concrete.  This significantly reduces the production costs through efficiency, ease of use, and superb release capability. The concrete surface retarder products of the MasterFinish product family contribute to an excellent surface appearance by enabling a desired exposed aggregate design and texture.

MasterFinish Products

Dual Purpose Surface Retarder

In-Form Surface Retarder

Protective Coating

Release Agent

Retarder Transfer Agent

Top Surface Retarder

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