MasterCem GA 1530: Grinding aid for portland cement production

Formerly: Cementium 1530 GA


How does MasterCem GA 1530 work?

MasterCem GA 1530 cement additive is a liquid, ready-to-use grinding aid used in the production of portland cement. MasterCem GA 1530 cement additive neutralizes the agglomeration forces that are produced when cement particles are fractured during the grinding process. The result is a dispersion effect that promotes the development of cement fineness along with a positive impact on grinding and separator efficiency.

The improved performance can be used to lower the grinding energy cost or to increase mill throughput. Grinding efficiency improvement is typically in the 5-20% range vs. untreated cement. Product performance is dependent on raw material properties, grinding equipment characteristics, process conditions and cement type.

MasterCem GA 1530 cement additive also improves the flow characteristics of cement through the mill and reduces pack set.

MasterCem GA 1530 meets the requirements of ASTM C465, for liquid processing additives.

Recommended uses:

  • MasterCem GA 1530 cement additive is developed for use in the portland cement grinding process

What are the unique features of MasterCem GA 1530?

  • Compatibility with all types of cement.
  • Produces higher quality cement
  • Sustainability; reduces energy consumption

What are the benefits of MasterCem GA 1530?

  • Cost reduction through reduced grinding energy
  • Extends capacity
  • Production efficiency: higher mill throughput, satisfying market demand during peak periods
  • Higher mill throughput, satisfying market demand during peak periods
  • Reduces material coating on the grinding media
  • Fewer plant stoppages
  • Decreases pack set
  • Increases efficiency of grinding media and separators
  • More efficient material handling due to improved flowability of cement

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