MasterCell: Ready-to-use density reducing admixtures


How does MasterCell work?

MasterCell ready-to-use admixtures reduce concrete density to make lightweight concrete or low strength (flowable fill) concrete.

What makes MasterCell density reducing admixtures a unique solution?

MasterCell admixtures are formulated to be used in flowable fill mixes by lowering the density, minimizing settlement and controlling strength development, using stable air voids and a reduced water content.

MasterCell features:

  • Increased yield
  • Optimum workability and pumpability
  • Little or no bleeding
  • Controlled segregation
  • Reduced shrinkage and settlement
  • Controlled strength development

MasterCell Products

MasterCell 25

(Formerly: Rheocell Rheofill) – Self-contained admixture for use in various flowable fill applications where reduced densities and air are desired


MasterCell 30

(Formerly Rheocell 30) – A concentrated foaming agent for producing CLSMs and engineered, cellular cementitious mixtures for numerous applications

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