MasterAir AE 200: Air-entraining admixture for concretes with air content challenges

Formerly: Micro Air


How does MasterAir AE 200 work?

MasterAir AE 200 air entraining admixture provides concrete with extra protection by creating air bubbles that are ultra-stable, small and closely spaced – a characteristic especially useful in the types of concrete known for their difficulty to entrain and maintain the air content desired.

Even when used at a lower dosage than standard air entraining admixtures, MasterAir AE 200 admixture meets the requirements of ASTM C 260, AASHTO M 154, and CRD-C 13.

Recommended uses of MasterAir AE 200 air entraining admixture:

  • Concrete exposed to cyclic freezing and thawing
  • Production of high-quality normal or lightweight concrete (heavyweight concrete normally does not contain entrained air)

What are the unique features of MasterAir AE 200?

  • Ready-to-use in the proper concentration for rapid, accurate dispensing
  • Greatly improved stability of air-entrainment
  • Ultra stable air bubbles

What are the benefits of MasterAir AE 200?

  • Improved air-void system in hardened concrete
  • Improved ability to entrain and retain air in low-slump concrete, concrete containing high-carbon content fly ash, concrete using large amounts of fine materials, concrete using high-alkali cements, high-temperature concrete, and concrete with extended mixing times
  • Increased resistance to damage from cyclic freezing and thawing
  • Increased resistance to scaling from deicing salts
  • Improved plasticity and workability
  • Reduced permeability – increased water tightness
  • Reduced segregation and bleeding

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