MasterProtect 8065CP/8105CP/8160CP: Embedded galvanic anodes for the protection of reinforcing steel

Formerly: Emaco CP Intact Galvanic Anodes

How do MasterProtect 8065CP, 8105CP and 8160CP anodes work?

MasterProtect 8065CP, 8105CP and 8160CP are engineered discrete zinc anodes encased in a proprietary mortar. Integral galvanized tie wires permit easy connection to concrete reinforcement. As a key component of a complete concrete repair strategy, the sacrificial zinc core generates a small electrical current as it is consumed, protecting the reinforcing steel from accelerated corrosion.

Recommended uses:

  • Where reinforced structures will be repaired
  • Where chlorides are present in the structure
  • Wherever corrosion of reinforcing steel is possible
  • In post-tensioned, pre-stressed, or conventionally reinforced structures
  • Interior or exterior

What are the unique features of MasterProtect 8065CP, 8105CP and 8160CP anodes?

  • Chelation-Driven System
  • Lower pH mortar
  • High grade ASTM B418 type II zinc alloy
  • Pre-twisted tie wires
  • Increased zinc surface area
  • Generates small current as it deteriorates, to protect reinforcing steel
  • Enhanced transport of reaction by-products
  • Not affected by carbonation or auto-corrosion

What are the benefits of MasterProtect 8065CP, 8105CP and 8160CP anodes?

  • Prevents re-passivation of the zinc; optimizes service life
  • Non-caustic; safe to handle
  • Prolonged shelf life; reduced tendency toward degradation
  • Proper stand-off from reinforcing steel; ensures optimal current throw; fast, easy installation
  • Optimizes anode performance; extends service life; up to 50% more efficient than other anodes of same zinc weight
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Anode reactivates after wet/dry cycles; longer service life
  • Greater shelf life

US / Canada Product Information

Data Guide

Safety Data Sheet - 8065 CP

Safety Data Sheet - 8105 CP

Certification Letter - 8065 CP

Certification Letter - 8105 CP

Detail Drawing - Installation in high resistivity mortars

Detail Drawing - Minimum cover and edge distance

Detail Drawing - Minimum cover of prepack mortar

Detail Drawing - Typical installation details

Detail Drawing - Typical layour for slab repair and slab edge repair

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