MasterFinish HC: Surface retarder for exposed-aggregate concrete

Formerly: MBT Heat-Cote

How does MasterFinish HC work?

MasterFinish HC is a chemical retarder specifically designed to produce uniform exposed-aggregate finishes on architectural precast concrete. Its excellent heat resistance makes it ideal for producing medium to deep etch exposed-aggregate concrete on panels that may reach 160º F (71º C) while curing.

Recommended uses:

  • Architectural precast/prestressed concrete
  • Cast stone
  • Steam curing, heated beds, hot concrete temperatures up to 160º F (71º C) (Lilac, Pink, Tan and Brown only)

What are the unique features of MasterFinish HC?

  • High heat resistance
  • Controlled penetration delays the set of the surface only
  • Wide range of etches available, including light etches
  • Depths of etch are color-coded
  • Can accommodate high-pressure water washing

What are the benefits of MasterFinish HC?

  • Allows for year-round casting
  • Consistent water-washed, exposed aggregate surfaces
  • Variety of exposed aggregate appearances
  • Easy identification
  • Ease and speed of production
  • Saves time and labor when used as an alternative to sand blasting

Safety Data Sheets (SDS):

MasterFinish HC 18 blu

MasterFinish HC 28 gld

MasterFinish HC 48 pnk

MasterFinish HC 58 tan

MasterFinish HC 68 brn

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