MasterFinish RL 100: Non-staining form-release agent

Formerly: Cast-Off

How does MasterFinish RL 100 work?

MasterFinish RL 100 is a petroleum-based, VOC-compliant, non-staining liquid form-release agent.

Recommended uses:

  • Precast, prestressed and concrete pipe

What are the unique features of MasterFinish RL 100?

  • Water-resistant chemical barrier
  • No residue transfer
  • Compatible with conventional mixture proportions
  • Alkali-resistant
  • Safe for wood fibers
  • Reduced rust on steel forms and equipment
  • Ready-to-use

What are the benefits of MasterFinish RL 100?

  • Can be applied up to 5 weeks before concrete is placed
  • Ensures fast, clean stripping of forms
  • Leaves concrete stain-free with fewer and smaller air voids
  • Does not harm concrete
  • Protects aluminum forms from concrete and plaster
  • Extends service life of wood forms
  • Compliant with US Federal EPA VOC regulations for Concrete Form-Release Agent
  • Lengthens equipment life
  • No mixing required. Should be used directly from container
  • Offers flexible application timing

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MasterFinish RL 100 Data Sheet

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