MasterBrace 6061UW: Marine epoxy paste for the MasterBrace 6000UW (Advanced Pile Encapsulation) System

Formerly: Hydrocote 3061I

How does MasterBrace 6061UW work?

MasterBrace 6061UW is a two-component, epoxy paste adhesive designed to be applied to surfaces as an adhesive below the waterline in the MasterBrace 6000UW system.

Recommended uses for MasterBrace 6061UW:

  • Primarily for sealing seams in FRP jackets and forms (Used with MasterBrace encapsulation systems as seam and gasket adhesive)
  • Bonding and anchoring to concrete, steel and other rigid materials
  • Surface seal for crack injection
  • Piers
  • Bridges
  • Offshore structures
  • Dams
  • Sea walls

What are the unique features of MasterBrace 6061UW?

  • Marine grade adhesive
  • Will adhere to wood, concrete or steel, above or below water line
  • Excellent handling
  • Can be glove applied, hand-troweled or pumped
  • Suitable for low temperature application
  • Cures down to 40° F (4° C)

What are the benefits of MasterBrace 6061UW?

  • Excellent handling
  • Can be glove applied, hand-troweled or pumped

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