MasterColor 14 CB: Carbon black liquid-coloring admixture

Formerly: PS 1414 Jet Black

How does MasterColor 14 CB work?

MasterColor 14 CB is a ready-to-use carbon black liquid-coloring admixture to produce concrete in varying shades from light gray to black.

Recommended uses for MasterColor 14:

  • Integrally colored architectural concrete
  • Ready-mixed concrete

What are the unique features of MasterColor 14 CB?

  • Carbon black liquid-coloring dispersion formulated for the automated CAM (Coloring Admixture Measuring) System from BASF
  • High tinting strength

What are the benefits of MasterColor 14 CB?

  • Cost-effective liquid black dispersion
  • Enhanced color vibrancy
  • Batch-to-batch color consistency
  • Increased plant productivity and reduced labor
  • Clean and simple
  • Verifiable color batching results
  • Faster dispersion into concrete
  • Single source producer support for chemical, mineral and coloring admixtures

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