Integral Liquid Color

Enhance concrete structures with color

Concrete coloring admixtures increase value and aesthetic appeal, with excellent color uniformity, UV resistance, long-lasting vibrancy, and enhanced finishing characteristics. 

  • Choice of 55 standard colors, including custom color options 
  • Faster dispersion into concrete
  • Batch-to-batch color consistency

Integral Liquid Coloring Admixture Products

MasterColor Base Colors

Base colors are used to create our 55 custom colors

MasterColor 14CB

Carbon black liquid-coloring dispersion | High tinting strength | Enhanced color vibrancy

MasterColor 50SB

Special blend | Faster dispersion into concrete | Clean & simple batching | Wide range of concrete colors

MasterColor 60 White

Patented coloring dispersion | Increased productivity

MasterColor 90PB

Precast black | Iron oxide black liquid coloring

Integral Liquid Color Admixtures

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