MasterWeld 990: Elastic trowel-grade polyurethane construction adhesive

Formerly: Chemrex 990

MasterWeld 990 description

MasterWeld 990 is an elastic, one component, trowel grade, polyurethane construction adhesive.   It can be used to install a variety of materials including wood flooring planks, rubber tiles, and rolled rubber goods. 

Recommended uses:

  • Interior applications
  • Applications requiring high strength, elastomeric adhesion.
  • Rubber tiles and rolled goods
  • Solid or engineered wood flooring planks
  • Wood trim

What are the unique features of MasterWeld 990?

  • Cures quickly
  • High strength
  • Creates a permanently elastic bond
  • Easy to trowel
  • Low VOC

What are the benefits of MasterWeld 990?

  • Light foot traffic permitted in as little as 4 hours for flooring installations
  • Helps to ensure long term adhesion to a variety of materials
  • Facilitates easier installations and increased productivity
  • Very low odor minimizes disruptions in occupied spaces

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Certification Letter

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Data Guide

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LEED Letter

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