MasterRoc ACP 147

Anti-clay soil conditioning polymer for tunnel boring machines (TBM)

How does MasterRoc ACP 147 work?

MasterRoc ACP 147 is a polymer-enhanced foaming agent, specially designed for hihgly cohesive and adhesive soils such as marl, silts, and clays that contain fine particles. MasterRoc ACP 147 anti-clay polymer is manufactured from natural and renewable resources, and is a milestone in terms of environmental compatobility.

Recommended uses:

  • Creates a foam and can be used with the standard foam generators installed on earth pressure balance (EPB) machines
  • Reduce the clogging and adhesion potential of clayey soils
  • Injected at the cutterhead, into the working chamber, and onto the screw conveyor

What are the unique features of MasterRoc ACP 147?

  • Reduces clogging and adhesion on the cutter head
  • Creates a plastic soil material that can be easily excavated and transported

What are the benefits of MasterRoc ACP 147?

  • Helps avoid the re-agglomeration of clay particles
  • Reduces cutterhead torque
  • Increases TBM speed

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MasterRoc ACP 147 Data Sheet

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