MasterLife AMA 100: Integral antimicrobial concrete admixture

How does MasterLife AMA 100 work?

MasterLife AMA 100 is an EPA-registered liquid integral concrete admixture for the prevention of microbial-induced corrosion (MIC) typically found in concrete tanks, pipes, manholes, and other structures/elements in sewage and drainage systems. Based on a novel organosilane chemistry, MasterLife AMA 100 admixture molecularly bonds to cement hydration products and ruptures the cell membrane of harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms on contact through an electro-physical mechanism. This creates a concrete surface that is not conducive to the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Recommended uses:

  • Cast-in-place concrete used in sewage and drainage systems
  • Precast concrete tanks, pipes, manholes, and similar structures/elements used in sewage and drainage systems
  • Shotcrete (for pipelines and tunnels)
  • Rehabilitation of deteriorated concrete elements in sewage and drainage systems

What are the unique features of MasterLife AMA 100?

  • Electro-physical destruction mechanism
  • Integral part of concrete matrix
  • Broad-spectrum protection

What are the benefits of MasterLife AMA 100?

  • Protects concrete from microbial-induced corrosion
  • Ruptures bacteria cell membrane on contact and prevents colonization and growth of
    acid-producing bacteria on concrete surfaces
  • Repeated contact of bacteria with concrete treated with MasterLife AMA 100
    admixture will not diminish the effectiveness of the product
  • Protection stays effective even if the concrete surface is abraded
  • Protects against several microorganisms, including, gram positive bacteria, gram
    negative bacteria, fungi, algae, yeast, and mildew

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