LEED v4-compliant Certified Material Transparency Reports

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Understanding the potential hazards of product ingredients is important for designing healthier buildings, and material transparency reports, also known as material ingredient reports, provide the required  information to support material transparency decision making. BASF now offers certified material transparency reports for all its Master Builders Solutions products to help concrete producers, contractors and distributors meet LEED v4 requirements. See full press release.

Material transparency and LEED v4

In response to building owners, government agencies and the public seeking transparency and healthier buildings, demands for material transparency are increasing. On October 31, 2016 USGBC released LEED v4, emphasizing material ingredient reporting for building products when seeking LEED certification. BASF, as a leader in supporting material transparency for construction products, has  externally verified its Product Compliance Management process to support concrete producers, contractors and distributors seeking to meet LEED v4 requirements. This initiative to fulfill the credit makes BASF the first chemical manufacturer to offer material transparency for an entire product portfolio that meets LEED v4.  Each manufacturer inventory report is third-party certified by GreenCircle Certified, LLC. Current documents are available at www.GreenCircleCertified.com.

GreenCircle Audit Certification for BASF

BASF is dedicated to providing the broadest range of sustainable products and solutions to the construction industry. For additional information, please contact David Green, BASF Applied Sustainability.  Phone 216-839-7803 or email david.r.green@basf.com.