Watertight concrete structures 

Developing a watertight concrete structure is a combination of appropriate design detail, proper construction practices, and high-performance products working together to minimize and eliminate water migration through concrete.
BASF has a portfolio of technologies to help contractors, concrete producers, design professionals, and owners achieve watertight concrete structures.  In addition, the versatility of our innovative, fast-curing hand and spray-applied waterproofing technologies addresses the refurbishment and protection needs of a variety of structures.

Our reliable and long-lasting system approach includes:

Air and Water-Resistant Barriers

High performance air and water-resistive barrier systems for any exterior wall; water vapor permeable or vapor retarding options. Learn more.

Deck Membrane and Overlays

Deck membranes and overlays offer long-lasting protection from harsh environments, weatherproofing and beautifying structures, liquid-applied. Learn more.

Joint Sealants

Joint sealants create a tenacious bond to a variety of substrates to ensure long lasting protection and weatherproofing in even the most aggressive conditions.  Learn more.

Crystalline Capillary Integral Waterproofing Admixture

Crystalline caplillary integral waterproofing admixture seals hairline cracks and reduces concrete permeability while allowing the concrete to breathe. Learn more.

Cementitious Waterproofing Coatings

Cemetitious waterproofing coatings are breathable, seamless coatings used to provide durable waterproofing barrier on a variety of interior or exterior substrates. Learn more.

Foundation and Split Slab Waterproofing Coatings and Repair Materials

Foundation and split slab waterproofing coatings prevent water infiltration into vital structures for both above and below grade foundations. Learn more.

Underground Water Management

An innovative spray-applied waterproofing membrane system, applied as a sandwich construction between sprayed or cast concrete shells, provides excellent bonding between membrane and concrete to facilitate composite shell linings, thus eliminating potential water paths. Learn more.




MasterSeal waterproofing sealants and watertight deck membranes 
Construction sealant close up