MasterSphere FT 300 microsphere-based admixture technology for freeze-thaw durable concrete

Eliminate the need for air-entrained concrete with this breakthrough technology from BASF

Air-entrained concrete is considered by many in the concrete industry to be one of the most challenging aspects of concrete production. Our latest Master Builders Solutions innovation provides reliable and consistent freeze/thaw durable concrete without the need for air-entrained concrete.

What is the MasterSphere FT 300 microsphere-based admixture technology?

Microspheres are extremely small (with a diameter similar to the width of a human hair), hollow spheres that have a highly resilient, tough, flexible, polymeric shell. Similar to entrained air voids, these microspheres provide stress relief zones during the expansion of freezing water within concrete.

The BASF MasterSphere FT 300 technology consists of two patent-pending components:

  1. A liquid microsphere-based admixture
  2. A point-of-use microsphere manufacturing system that makes it economically feasible to utilize these proven microspheres in place of traditional air-entrained concrete

Why is this technology important?

MasterSphere FT 300 microsphere-based admixture technology will help concrete professionals eliminate the challenges associated with manufacturing and placing traditional air-entrained concrete. These challenges can result in hidden costs and quality control issues for concrete producers, and include:

  • Control of entrained air due to variability of the concrete ingredients, production procedures, ambient conditions, and construction practices
  • Effect of entrained air on concrete strength

Watch the video to learn more about this breakthrough innovation for reliable and consistent freeze-thaw durable concrete.