Cement Additives: MasterCem products increase efficiency and sustainability while yielding higher performance

The comprehensive MasterCem line of high performance cement additives addresses the needs of cement producers.

These compounds fall into the categories of cement grinding aids, performance enhancers and specialty products that are formulated to help our customers increase production efficiency and minimize costs, while complying with the cement industry's ever changing regulatory requirements.

Cement grinding aids:

The specialty grinding aids that are part of the MasterCem portfolio are used in the milling process to raise grinding and separator capability, reduce pack set and advance mill throughput, resulting in an improvement in the plant performance and a reduction of energy consumption.

Cement performance enhancers:

In addition to acting as grinding aids, MasterCem’s performance enhancers improve strength, setting time and workability, increasing the cement’s performance.

Specialty products for cement producers:

BASF's other business lines provide solutions for emission controls, alternate fuels and other issues that face the cement producer.

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