Solutions for Food and Beverage Facilities

Food and beverage processing facilities face a number of demanding factors. Most crucially, the need for a rapid return to service as well as resistance to corrosive substances, harsh cleaning regimes, high levels of moisture and general wear and tear from machinery to maintain safe, hygienic conditions. BASF solutions meet these challenges.

Performance Flooring

Our systems withstand the rigors of aggressive cleaning regimens and the exposure to the variety of liquids and solids associated with food processing. Liquids, grease, spills –whatever lands on the floor – stays on the surface until it is cleaned up. Our floors are non-porous and impervious, keeping the surface clean and safe.

MasterTop Performance flooring solutions

Ucrete Polyurethane Concrete flooring systems 

Concrete Admixtures and Fibers 

Our durability and strength-enhancing products extend the service life of concrete, reduce cracking and improve quality. For repair applications that require the use of concrete, the Master Builders Solutions brand also offers the strength-on-demand concrete technology for high-early strength to minimize downtime and facilitate early application of flooring materials.

Food and Beverage

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