Solutions for Parking Structures and Sports Venues

Whether you own, repair or design parking structures, the ultimate goal is to create a parking structure that is functional and safe. The challenges lie in finding solutions that keep parking structures operational, and when they need repair, return them to service as quickly as possible. BASF has experienced parking specialists and innovative solutions ready to help meet these challenges.

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Concrete Admixtures and Fibers

Because no two parking structures are the same, our trusted concrete experts combine a long-standing expertise with hands on technical support to help identify the specific needs of each construction project, and create the right solutions for success. Our comprehensive portfolio of admixtures and high-performance concrete technologies facilitate construction and improve durability from exposure to cyclic freezing and thawing and deicing salts.  These technologies speed up production and enhance quality of workmanship by improving concrete strength, and overall appearance, while ensuring long-term safety and durability.

Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC)
High-Early Strength-on-Demand
Green Sense Concrete

Concrete Repair and Protection

Creating a safe environment for patrons is essential. Not only can BASF help you to create stronger structures through concrete repair and strengthening, but our light reflective coatings maximize light resources without the use of extra energy. When a parking structures needs repair, our trusted experts help to find the right solution to reduce labor and material costs while providing a proper repair, creating long term cost savings and less downtime Less facility downtime equals increased revenue.

Concrete Repair
MasterProtect Coatings and Corrosion Inhibitors

Deck Coatings and Joint Sealants

BASF has developed a wide range of high performance, waterproof traffic membranes to provide unique solutions that protect parking decks against deterioration from environmental conditions, high traffic and snow and ice treatments. Our waterproofing products are also formulated to provide exceptional durability, slip resistance, design flexibility and an aesthetically pleasing environment.

MasterSeal Waterproofing, Deck Membranes, and Sealants

Expanision Control Systems

The Watson Bowman Acme brand of BASF has provided a premier line of expansion joint solutions for over 60 years.

MasterSeal 940DR and 941DR Launch

To help keep our customers safer on construction jobsites, BASF has developed new respirable crystalline silica-free aggregates.  More information on the unique performance and safety advantages can be found on the sell sheet shown below.

MasterSeal 940DR and 941DR (A)

MasterSeal 940DR and 941DR (B)

Parking Facilities

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