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Concrete admixtures for ambitious construction projects

​Concrete has to meet various requirements, from excellent workability over long periods of time to a long service life of the final concrete structures, thus supporting sustainable construction. This video using a major project in Dubai as its focus explains how MasterGlenium (formerly Glenium) super-plasticizers help concrete manufacturers to meet these challenges. (Duration 5:15)

What concrete and cement are made of -- and how BASF improves them with admixtures

​Concrete and cement are the basis for most construction projects -- but what are concrete and cement made of? And does chemistry from BASF help to make the construction materials even more flexible, more durable and more resistant?
Cement is a mixture of calcium silicate with parts of aluminum and iron compounds. Concrete is made up mainly of cement, water and grains of stone. The film shows the entire production process of the material. By mixing different compositions and additives BASF can vary the properties of the concrete. The animation also shows how the concrete superplasticizer MasterGlenium works. Examples are given to show how the products from BASF help to optimize the material in terms of usability, durability and workability. (Duration 4:26)

Videos for Ready Mix contractors and designers

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