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Learn how to get an EPD for concrete

​Learn about Environmental Product Declaration for concrete, and the benefits to concrete producers. BASF's EPD Service is third-party verified, and a cost-effective, low hassle option for BASF customers.

MasterFiber MAC 2200 CB macrosynthetic fiber with chemical bond

​See how this first-of-its-kind macrofiber bonds to concrete to provide better performance through chemistry.

BASF's Applicator Training Course

BASF's applicator training program helps customers meet the challenges of the ever-changing parking industry.

BASF Thin Spray-On Liner application

​In hard and soft rock mining, changes in humidity and temperature affect weak strata, causing rock falls and rib degradation. Effective surface support and the protection against weathering of rock and strata are critical to the safety, efficiency and longevity of any mining operation.
Thin Spray-On Liners (TSLs) are ready-to-use, fast-setting polymers offering progressively increasing tensile strength development. They provide an excellent bond to almost any substrate, including concrete, rock and coal.
 Applied with simple dry shotcrete equipment, they can be set up quickly for easy, efficient use underground to protect the substrate from water and air humidity. In hard and soft rock mining, MasterRoc TSL 865 can be used for:

  • Stabilization of rock and coal trough substrate sealing
  • Preliminary slope protection
  • Preliminary and temporary in-cycle support

(Duration 1:21) 

Videos for Ready Mix contractors and designers

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