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MasterFlow 648 Low Dust Comparison

​Side by side comparison

MasterSeal SL 100 Video

​MasterSeal SL 100 is a one component fast curing, non priming, self-leveling elastomeric hybrid sealant design for expansion joints in concrete floor and decks. This hybrid technology combines the best qualities of organic and silicone sealants to keep moving joints weathertight. Its robust design is suitable to use on green and damp concrete as well as high traffic areas.

MasterProtect C 350 Highly Hydrophobic Architectural Coating

​MasterProtect C 350 is a 100% acrylic, smooth, waterproof coating engineered to reduce dirt pickup and to be cleaned via rainwater runoff or a water rinse. (Duration 3:03)

Solutions for Microbial Induced Corrosion

​Microbial-induced corrosion (MIC), typically found in concrete tanks, pipes, manholes, and other structures/elements in sewage and drainage systems, can be prevented with BASF's MasterLife AMA 100 integral antimicrobial admixture. (Duration 2:21)

Videos for Ready Mix contractors and designers

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