View video presentations on BASF's Master Builders Solutions products, technology and projects.

Master X-Seed 55 Admixture

This first-of-its-kind, strength-enhancing admixture improves both early and late strength development in concrete by improving hydration of portland cement.

MasterSure Z 60 In Action

​This video provides visual examples of the slump retention of two mixes - one with MasterSure Z 60 and the other without - at 5, 30, 60 and 90 minutes. The workability retention of the mix with MasterSure Z 60 is profoundly superior. (Duration: 2:58)

MasterEmaco T 5000 Installation Video

​Proper mixing and installation techniques for MasterEmaco T 5000

MasterEmaco T 5000 Product Promotional Video

​MasterEmaco T 5000 Chemical Resistant Repair Mortar and Ancillary Grout

Videos for Ready Mix contractors and designers

Watch Informative Videos from NRMCA

We encourage contractors and designers to also watch these videos about the value of concrete construction.