View video presentations on BASF's Master Builders Solutions products, technology and projects.

MasterSure Z 60 In Action

​This video provides visual examples of the slump retention of two mixes - one with MasterSure Z 60 and the other without - at 5, 30, 60 and 90 minutes. The workability retention of the mix with MasterSure Z 60 is profoundly superior. (Duration: 2:58)

MasterEmaco T 5000 Installation Video

​Proper mixing and installation techniques for MasterEmaco T 5000

MasterEmaco T 5000 Product Promotional Video

​MasterEmaco T 5000 Chemical Resistant Repair Mortar and Ancillary Grout

Conventional PCE HRWR vs Fast Wet Out Technology - New MasterGlenium Fast Wet Out Admixtures for Concrete

The video shows a side by side mixing comparison of the new MasterGlenium FWO technology vs. a Conventional PCE HRWR. This video demonstrates how Fast Wet Out can improve your overall concrete consistency. (Duration: 2:49)

Videos for Ready Mix contractors and designers

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We encourage contractors and designers to also watch these videos about the value of concrete construction.