View video presentations on BASF's Master Builders Solutions products, technology and projects.

Sealant Chemistry Matters

MasterSeal NP 1 has been formulated to stick, move and last. It outperforms the competition on the key physical properties that determine overall sealant performance. That’s why for over 40 years, contractors and design professionals have been using MasterSeal NP 1 to get the job done.

MasterFiber® Reinforcement Solutions vs. Traditional Concrete Reinforcement

​Learn how MasterFiber® concrete reinforcement solutions, from Master Builders Solutions, can help reduce labor, construction time, and health and safety concerns when compared to traditional steel reinforcement.

Master X-Seed® 55: Increase the Speed of Construction

​Master X-Seed® 55 is a new strength-enhancing concrete admixture from Master Builders Solutions that improves production efficiency and sustainability. Learn how this unique admixture utilizes nanoparticle technology to increase early and late-age strength development.

MasterRoc SLF 50 Soil Conditioning Foam

BASF MasterRoc SLF 50 soil conditioning foam helps to control soil during tunneling operations to increase TBM's tunnel excavation efficiency.

Videos for Ready Mix contractors and designers

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