BASF launches antimicrobial admixture for concrete protection – MasterLife AMA 100


BASF's Admixture Systems introduces MasterLife AMA 100, an integral admixture for enhanced protection of concrete structures against damage. MasterLife AMA 100 protects concrete structures from biodeterioration by destroying bacteria and micro-organisms that cause microbial-induced corrosion upon contact through an electrophysical mechanism.

Concrete is widely recognized as a durable construction material. However, under certain aggressive conditions, its durability can be compromised. For example, exposure to sewage or wastewater and subsequent activity can cause premature deterioration in concrete pipes, manholes and other structures that carry sewage or wastewater, resulting in increased maintenance and life-cycle costs. In addition, aesthetic appearance of concrete structures can be compromised.

"Expanding the service life of concrete structures is among BASF's priorities for providing sustainable solutions for the construction industry," said Kenneth Kruse, Industry Manager, BASF Admixture Systems. "MasterLife AMA 100 admixture is one of the technologies that can extend the lifespan of sewage or wastewater concrete structures by disrupting the process that leads to microbial-induced corrosion."

BASF's MasterLife AMA 100 is mixed in during the batching process, and becomes an integral part of the concrete for the life of the structure. It provides effective and long lasting protection, even if the concrete surface gets abraded. Repeated contact of bacteria with concrete treated with MasterLife AMA 100 admixture will not diminish the effectiveness of the antimicrobial product.

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Concrete pipe constructed with antimicrobial admixture

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